Code of Conduct and Ethics

Updated Tuesday January 3, 2017 by the SOAR Committee.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

The following codes of Conduct & Ethics have been adopted by the SOAR committee of First Presbyterian Church, Stanley.  This committee provides oversight and direction for the Sports Ministry.  We are dedicated to providing a high-quality program that ensures safety and promotes a healthy environment for everyone involved.

It is imperative that you read and become familiar with this information.

Sports Ministry Volunteer:

Shepherd Coach:

  • I shall be aware that I have a tremendous influence, either for good or ill, on the education of the athlete and, thus, shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling Christian character.
  • I shall uphold the honor and dignity of my position.  In all personal contact with athletes, officials, parents and other ministry volunteers,   I shall strive to set a Christ-like example.
  • I shall understand the game rules and teach them to my team members.
  • I shall exert my influence to enhance sportsmanship by spectators, both directly and by working closely with parents.  
  • I shall respect and support game officials. I shall not indulge in conduct which would incite players or spectators against the officials. Public criticism of officials or players is unacceptable.
  • I shall avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products when in contact with players.



  • I shall conduct myself in a professional manner that demonstrates Christ-like actions to all parties, while exercising authority.
  • I shall be knowledgeable and supportive of league rules and philosophy.



My child’s participation in the Youth Sports Ministry at First Presbyterian Church requires that I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child by following this Parents' Code of Conduct & Ethics.

  • I will treat others as I would like to be treated.  (Matt 7:12)
  • I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials.
  • I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of a personal desire to win.
  • I will insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment.
  • I will support coaches / officials working with my child, in order to encourage a positive, enjoyable experience for all.
  • I will remember that the game is for youth - not adults, and will do my best to make youth sports fun for my child.
  • I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, spectators, and officials, with respect regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability.
  • I will require that my child's coach be trained in the responsibilities of being a youth sports coach and that the coach upholds the Sports Ministry Code of Conduct & Ethics.



I recognize that being a member of the community carries with it responsibilities and rewards, and that as an athlete in the community I must not only embrace those responsibilities, but also conduct myself both on and off the playing field or court in a way which exhibits respect for myself and others. I therefore resolve to conduct myself with dignity as an athlete and as a citizen of the community, recognizing and accepting that: 

  • I must accept accountability for my behavior and its outcomes.
  • I must honor my obligations and promises.
  • I must exercise self-control.
  • I must be willing to be fair with others in my dealings on and off the playing field or court.
  • I must play my best “as working for the Lord, not for men” (Col 3:23), understanding that my athletic ability is a gift from God.
  • I must respect the efforts of others and avoid demeaning another person or group.
  • I must respect authority.
  • I must play by the spirit, not just the letter, of the rules of the game and the rules of life.
  • I must strive to make my community better because of my contributions as a member - whether that is the team on which I play or the community in which I live.