Updated Thursday November 9, 2017 by Luke Bynum.

SOAR is the Sports Ministry program of First Presbyterian Church of Stanley, and operates under the rule of the church session (or board of elders).

The primary leadership of the sports ministry is the SOAR Committee, which is made up of the following members of First Presbyterian Church:

Luke Bynum, Communications & Summer Camp

Rachel Gamage, Secretary & Registration

Sherry Teague, Treasurer

Chris Graham, Elder

Chris Baker, Deacon 

Ken Dake, Deacon 

Charles Hamrick, Soccer

Mike Gamage, Volleyball

Phyllis Withers, Registration, Technology

Each sport is lead and planned by a sub-committee. The chair of each sub-committee is a member of the SOAR committee:

Volleyball Chairman - Mike Gamage

Soccer Co-Chairmen - Ken Dake and Charles Hamrick 

Summer Camp: Camp Director - Luke Bynum and an administrative team. Our partnership with UW Sports Ministry invloves a team of coaches being sent to us the week of camp, to lead each sport we offer, and do the primary teaching during summer camp.