• Celebrating 25 Years

    It has been an exciting 25 years and we would like to celebrate God's blessing.  Join us Saturday September 24 at 6 pm, as we play softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer.  Anyone who has been involved in... More
  • Baseball/Softball

    What are the ages for baseball / softball? T-Ball - Ages 5-7Machine Pitch - Ages 7 - 11Softball - Ages 11-16 There is an overlap for the 7 and 11 year-olds. Depending on the skills evaluation, the coach &am... More
  • If it Stings, Why go Back In?

    My beautiful wife and I had the privilege of spending a few days at Hilton Head Island recently. On the last day, we decided to spend a little time on the beach until we needed to leave.  It turned out to be ... More